Building Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me find land?

Our sales representative can provide informal advice and assistance in helping you choose your dream location. However, for best results contact a real estate agent knowledgeable in land/lot sales in your desired area. Coventry Homes cannot act as a real estate agent for the purchase of your lot.

Can I customize my floor plan?

Yes. Coventry Homes has hundreds of floor plans to choose from. You’ll work with your sales representative to customize your dream home to meet your needs. Visit our photo/home gallery to view our most popular floor plans.

How much does a Coventry Homes home cost?

Our prices range from the mid $300’s to the $900’s. The price per square foot of each home varies based on several factors: floor plan, foundation requirements, customization, lot preparation and location.

How can I obtain information on choosing the best home site? And what are some of the lot related costs?

To remove any uncertainty and guess work, Coventry Homes provides a free lot site evaluation to help determine related costs when building your new home. Contact a sales representative to schedule your complimentary home site evaluation.

Are you a “green” builder?

Coventry Homes is dedicated to building beautiful energy efficient homes. Our homes are built and designed to maximize efficiency, while leaving a minimal impact on the environment. Each home we build receives third party endorsements from various Builder Associations such as Green Built Texas. Your new home will meet high standards of resource efficiency regarding building materials, site management, water efficiency, indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

Are your homes energy efficient?

Recognized as a leader in energy efficiency and environmental sensitivity, our Eco-Smart energy efficiency platform utilizes the top energy saving programs available in today’s market. Every aspect of home construction has been considered – from the foundation to the rooftop and everything in between.

Coventry Homes voluntarily participates in Residential Energy Services Network’s (RESNET) quality assurance program, which certifies a home’s energy rating through third-party inspectors. Our homes are up to 50% more efficient than homes built prior to the year 2000 and 15% more efficient than the minimum standards required by the Energy Star program. Our Eco-Smart energy efficiency program delivers one of the lowest energy usage scores available with a multi-year heating and cooling cost guarantee.

What assurances will I have that my home is built with quality and integrity?

With over 50,000 homes built and a 98% homeowner recommendation rate, we are confident in the quality of each home built by Coventry Homes. We utilize an extensive in-house inspection at every stage of construction. As an added benefit to our customer, we contract with an independent third party residential construction inspection company to inspect each home to ensure consistent quality standards and your peace of mind all at no added cost.

What type of financing do you offer?

Your custom home can be financed in several ways; cash or construction/permanent loan options. Our preferred lenders offer competitive rates on a variety of financing plans. Our sales representative can introduce you to our preferred lenders who will help you select the best solution to fit your needs.

Is this a good time to build a new home?

There is no better time to build a new home than today. Interest rates are at an historic low, leaving you with greater purchasing power to build the home of your dreams.

How can I learn more about building on my own lot even if I don’t plan to build soon?

It’s never too early to start designing your dream home. Click here to learn more about our building process. Or you can meet with one of our sales representatives to help you get started today.

How long will it take to build our home?

Construction of your home depends on many variables such as weather, labor, materials, inspections, Homeowner Association approvals (if applicable), size of home and customizations. Typical home construction takes 6 – 8 months from start to finish.

Does it cost more to build on my land or in a community?

This depends on the community and the condition of the homesite.

When building on your lot, the homesite needs to be prepared, utilities need to be established or modified, soils need testing, additional permits or approvals are required, and labor is more costly building just one home.

In a community that is in the development stage, the developer has already prepared the land, and installed utilities. In addition, soil testing, permits, plan designs all are engineered just once and typically several homes are built at the same time reducing overhead and labor costs.

The good news is we can build your dream home at your chosen location that is just right for you!

Where do you build?

Coventry Homes builds in the major metropolitan areas of Texas; Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio. Please see a sales representative for more specific details on where we build within your metro area.